Ronix Brushless Motors

The Definition Of Efficiency

Brushless motors eliminate the mechanical brushes and commutators and thus are a more efficient and reliable version of the regular DC brushed motors.


All items of Ronix 89 series are cordless and equipped with powerful brushless motors. Ranging from impact drills to hedge trimmers, they’re there for you to tackle any task.
Brushless motors are light weight, energy-efficient and silent all of which make them preferable over brushed motors.
The following are the most important advantages of brushless motors:

Better performance and efficiency
50% Longer life span
No brushes to wear out
Better performance and efficiency
High torque with better speed control

The Gift of Longer Lifespan & Higher Speed

Ronix 89 and 86 series both benefit from brushless motors which come with a longer lifespan & higher speed.

 Lithium-ion Batteries  Lithium-ion Batteries
 Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion Batteries

The new generation of Ronix fast-charging lithium-ion batteries are compatible with all 89 Series tools in order to provide greater convenience for users.

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