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Five-Star Electric Planers: The Spark to Ignite Your Business

As Wood can give more warmth to any house, the popularity of wooden furniture and wood art has been on the rise in recent years. Due to this high demand, the market for its essential tools has become as hot as the field itself. Both artists and furniture makers heavily depend on electric planers to shave and flatten wooden surfaces. Chamfering the edges of a piece of wood or reducing its thickness are just some of the other functions of this versatile tool.

Electric Planers
Electric Planers

Smart Players Win the Competition!

The electric planer is one of the most useful machines in the
woodworking field and a must-have tool in any carpentry workshop. In addition to carpenters, cabinet and furniture makers, carpenters, artists, wood machinists, construction workers, and DIYers all need high-performance power planers in their toolboxes. That is why so many tool distributors and importers choose these power tools to inject new blood into their businesses. Having said that, it takes a smart choice of brand to beat the competition.

Electric vs. Hand planers

Electric planers perform pretty much the same functions as their hand counterparts do but they offer benefits that make them much more favorable.
Are Quicker
Have More Cutting Width
Require Less Physical Effort
Make Depth Adjustment Easier
Despite all such advantages, one should brace himself/herself for the noise they make during the operation.

electric planer

The Finest Electric Planers on the Market

Customers focus on factors like power and cutting depth/width when buying electric planers. As a top tool manufacturer and supplier, Ronix will offer them much more than this:
• Powerful and Fast Operation
Our electric planers deliver high power and speed for fast stock removal and smooth finish in soft and hardwoods.
• Simple blade setting system
They come with a simple blade setting system to ensure fast blade installation.
• Easy Depth Adjustment
These power tools are equipped with calibrated depth adjustment knobs for an accurate depth setting.
All of these plus anti-dust ball bearings and anti-dust switches make our brand of electric planers an ideal choice for woodworking, fixing doors, fitting wood, and correcting splinters, chips, and misshapen edges.

Why Ronix?

The perfect mix of high-quality, reasonable prices, and variety makes our brand a great choice when it comes to buying electric planers. Best-in-class, our tools fulfill customers’ quality expectations with their incredible durability and remarkable performance.
Most super brands offer such premium quality at high prices that not any customer can afford while others sacrifice excellence for lower prices. Meanwhile, our company offers its five-star products at unbelievably fair prices so that even customers that live within a tight budget, can finally get the quality they deserve.
The variety of products in our collections and our policy of fast delivery are other factors that make ordering tools from us an enjoyable experience!
For the tool distributors and importers, the benefits of trusting us with their business do not stop at getting high-quality wholesale electric planers at reasonable prices. They can also count on our free advertising services that ensure a significant increase in their sales. These services that include shop branding are offered for FREE and in the language the client desires!

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