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Professional Painting with Paint Sprayers

Painting surfaces has always been the central part of interior design and decoration. At the same time, it also has an essential share in the automotive industry when coloring the car body. Different tools assist in the process, including brushes and rollers. But an Electric Paint Sprayer is a great option to make jobs quicker and more accurate.


Also Called Airless, they are multi-purpose items that are very effective on hard-to-reach surfaces, and despite the pneumatic ones, they do not require a compressor to operate. That’s why they can be used in much more situations than their air-powered counterpart.
Like many other electric products, they are offered in corded and cordless forms, extending their function to more than an interior painting item.

Different Types of Paint Sprayers

Electric Paint Sprayers are mainly categorized based on two systems, which are called:
HVLP (High Volume, Low-Pressure) uses much air to move paint but uses low pressure to smash liquids into tiny fragments.
LVLP (Low Volume, Low-Pressure) atomizes liquids at a lower pressure and consumes less air than the methods mentioned above.

Wholesale Paint Sprayers, a Fair Trade

As Paint Sprayers are efficient in major industrial and domestic painting projects, they are used hugely worldwide, and naturally, every user is seeking a high-quality version of it. So, those in the tools trade, including distributors, importers, and wholesalers, are to supply them with complete packages of first-rate of them to fulfill the customers’ needs and gain the most profit. However, to reach this goal, they need to tackle some issues in the market.
A Problem in the Market
A large number of companies are competing in the tool market. Most of them claim they are offering the best, but some gaps exist. There is a wide range of Paint Sprayers in the market regarding their durability, practicality, and quality. But the superior ones are usually sold at high prices that many cannot afford. On the other side, the economical ones do not live up to the expectations of the experts and even amateur consumers.
That’s why we, in Ronix, have thought about the issue and suggested a way out.

Why Ronix?

Regarding international manufacturers, Ronix is one of the qualified ones that uphold all necessary standards, such as Quality, Variety, and Affordability. In 500 Ronix factories across 12 countries, more than 2000 tools are made under the most precise R&D team quality control during production and field testing. As a result, there are numerous advantages. Consider some of Ronix Paint Sprayers’ best qualities:
• Innovatively designed and easy-to-use tool that applies a smooth finish without brush marks
• Soft grip and ergonomic style for a good handling
• Quick-release design for easy cleaning
• Equipped with settings that let you complete your project quickly by adjusting the air cap to spray in horizontal, vertical, or round modes
• Ability to adjust the width of the spray pattern
LED light for use in the dark places

By the way, if you plan to invest in Ronix paint sprayers by purchasing a wholesale package, you can register your request online, and they will get ready to load and ship in Just 15 days. Besides, due to our 30,000 m2 Warehouse, all our products are available whenever needed.