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Construction is a vital industry, and providing the necessary equipment for this field is highly important. So, as a distributor, importer, or wholesale, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to develop construction tools in your wholesale collection.
Rotary Hammers, also called Rotary Hammer Drills, are among the most valuable items in this case. Initially designed for
Drilling - Hammer drilling - Hammering - Chiseling

in concrete and rough materials such as masonry, steel, and hardwood. They are also used in medium-duty demolition operations. It is one of the most-used tools in renovating and building different structures.
So, offering a complete set of it can make you a popular wholesaler in the industry.

How to choose rotary hammers?

What is Unique about Rotary Hammers?

Rotary Hammers, in the form of electric corded and cordless ones, have some exclusive features that distinguish them from similar tools and turn them into high-power machines capable of doing heavy-duty jobs in different situations. So, in the choosing stage, you need to check them out to ensure that they will fulfill all demands of your customers correctly. They consist of the following factors:
• Piston System
Rotary Hammers’ bits work with pounding and spinning as Hammer Drills do. But what makes it different is that the process uses Piston Systems, while a hammer drill runs by a clutch system. That makes them a much more powerful tool that can make larger holes at a higher speed.
• Chuck Model
As mentioned, Rotary Hammers deliver so much force to operate, and the ordinary drill bits cannot bear the excessive bouncing load. So, instead, they feature SDS chucks that hold SDS bits and chisels that are mainly presented in the form of Max or Plus versions. As the names suggest, the max has a higher capacity for more rigid materials. At the same time, the plus type is made for less heavy jobs.
• Beats Per Minute (BPM)
BPM indicates the pounding power of tools. Compared to their counterparts with similar functions, such as impact drivers, they deliver much higher beats per minute and a more comprehensive striking range. Considering their challenging tasks, it is essential to take this factor into account accurately.
• Ergonomics
Rotary Hammers deliver so much power, so working with them takes excessive energy. That’s why they should be designed ergonomically and manufactured with lightweight materials to make them less challenging to work with.
In addition, due to the reason mentioned, they should be equipped with soft grip handles that resist shock and vibration.

A Selection Puzzle! Find your Rotary Hammer

As Distributors and Importers, you know that finding a high-quality brand offering Rotary Hammer for Sale with all the mentioned characteristics is not easy. Precisely when you notice that your clients in many fields and job sites demand various types, so, aside from the above factors, you need to find a professional brand to provide you with a Variable Range of them in different sizes and powers.
Some tool suppliers claim to present first-rate ones. But not all of them can cover all the outstanding features. Only some provide a variety of best-quality Rotary Hammers. And among them, even fewer brands can offer high-quality ones at a reasonable price.
To be realistic, affordability is critical for most wholesale customers worldwide, and preparing practical tools with fair prices for them can be a privilege for you.

Why Ronix?

Regarding international manufacturers, Ronix is among the accepted ones supporting all the required standards, including:


Ronix Rotary Hammers

Electric Corded or Cordless ones equipped with either Brushed or Brushless motors, including:
Different types of Drills, Screw Drivers, Rotary and Demolition Hammers, Sanders, Angle Grinders, Wood Routers, Blowers, Compressors, Heat Gun, etc.


Considering this, if you have decided to purchase, you can order them online, and they get ready to load and ship in Just 15 days. By the way, whenever you register your request with a 30,000 m2 Warehouse, all the products are available.